Denise Hauser Design – Kitchen & Bath

Specializes in:

  • Kitchens

  • Baths

  • Fireplaces

  • Mudrooms

  • Built ins

  • Hutches

  • Libraries

Design Philosophy:

I think each designer has a bent, a specific focus in which they approach a space, what they stand for. You are probably curious what mine is, if not- you should be - its important to the success of your project. 

There are so many factors that go into good design. It's not as shallow as a pretty space, it has to function and work. If not, it is not good design.

I don't believe in a signature design.To me each project is different and distinct from the next just as each client is. My strength has always been reading the customer. What makes them tic, what strikes a chord for them, what do they really envision for their space. It’s your space, not mine. My role is to visually and functionally realize what your secret dream room is in the back of your mind.

I believe in creating an architectural space that has a sense of beauty and character. I strive to create a holistic environment - not just a “kitchen” or “bath". The best spaces have a sense of well being and a level of sophistication. They have a bit of magic to them. I love color and interior design so the finer sometimes untouchable details that bring a sense of beauty are important to me. I tend to do fewer projects than many designers but focus more intensely on each project I believe my clients know that I am dedicated to their project. 

Importantly, I don't like mass re-production. I am dedicated to finding good ideas. I always ask myself what I can do to make the space go to the next level, be a bit special, a bit unique. 

Lastly, I think design should be beautiful and workable, serving the needs of the client. 

I've been involved in design my whole working life and it has never been without purpose or usefulness. It always had to provide and perform, not just look good. 

I enjoy working with people. I enjoy meeting real needs, real budgets and real lives. 

Now, let's discuss your project!